get to know me

My name is Willie Smith, and I’m a Personal Trainer from Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland.

My journey started back in 2018, when my mental health was questionably at its lowest, I found my way into that big scary place they call “The Gym”.  

Going to the gym gave me an escape, but also an opportunity to better myself. Once I stepped in the gym, I knew I could not back out & I had to keep returning to better myself

Over the years I’ve educated myself & eventually completed my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification by ISSA. 

then (2018)



depressed & anxious

I wanted to do nothing



Fitter & Healthier

optimistic & happier

as productive as possible

I want to better myself everyday

ISSA stands for International Sport Science Association. It requires all members to renew their membership every two years to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest findings in the Sport Science world!

Let your body do the talking.

You don't need to squat the most or run the longest to be the hardest worker.

Be consistent in your efforts & go balls in with everything you do!

& If others can't recognise your grind then

fuck them!